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Sat, June 16, 2018 05:56  

Do you have sibling

Hi Lundyn!

Yes, I have an older brother. Do you have any siblings? As for Sparky, I'm sure she had some brothers and sisters, as does Dexter, but I've never seen them because we adopted both Sparky and Dexter.

And thanks for your nice thank you letter about Dexter's and my visit to your school!

Hope you had a fun weekend!

Wed, June 13, 2018 01:26  

Hi I was in the park city magnet school

Hi Tamia!

I love your school! And I hope you got to meet Dexter. He really liked meeting all the kids, even though he doesn't like to go inside the schools! I have a lot of pictures of Dexter, including a couple from your school, in the Gallery section under Dexy Doodles.

Thanks for writing and hope you have a great summer!

Sat, June 9, 2018 01:55  

How old are you

Hi Lundyn!

Sorry I didn't respond for a couple of days. Busy weekend!

Sparky was 13 years old when she passed away in 2011. They say one dog year is equal to seven human years, so Sparky was 91 years old in human years. She had a long, wonderful life, with so many friends and fans.

Dexter just turned three years old May 7. That's the day we adopted him from Adopt-a-Dog, so that's the day we celebrate his birthday. We don't know his real birthday. All we know is that he was born in 2015 in West Virginia.

And as for me, I just turned 60 years old June 4. Wow, I'm old!!

Have a great week at school!

Fri, June 8, 2018 11:47  

love much

Hi Vishiv!

Thank you so much! Sparky and Dexter (and Speedy the Tortoise, too!) send their best wishes right back to you! Have a great weekend and enjoy your summer!


Wed, June 6, 2018 08:52  

Thank you for coming and are you able to go to 5th grade

Hi Angelinna!

It was great meeting and talking with you today! I'm so happy that you and your classmates got to meet Dexter!! As for 5th grade, if somebody invites Dexter and me, we'll be there!

All the best,

Rick (and Dexter, too!) 
Jovonn Sokolovic 
Wed, June 6, 2018 07:13  

Hi, I just met you a few minutes ago and thankyou for bringing Dexter to our class. He was very cute so maybe can you put this name in your book. Jovonn. I wore an Afro next to a Muslim kid. So thankyou for visiting and see you again soon!

Hi Jovonn!

It was great meeting you and all your classmates today. And Dexter enjoyed it, too! As for getting you in my next book, I'll put you on the list of names I have (there are a quite a few kids on that list!), so we'll see. But first I have to start writing the story! Hopefully, I can start on it this summer.

Enjoy the rest of the week at school (summer is almost here!),

Sun, June 3, 2018 09:19  

If sparky was still alive how old would he be

Hi Lundyn!

If Sparky was still alive, she would be 20 years old. Wow! She was born sometime during 1998, somewhere in New York City. Since we never knew her "real" birthday, we used the day we adopted her from Adopt-a-Dog, April 24, as Sparky's birthday. Our new dog Dexter was also adopted from Adopt-a-Dog, and we celebrated his 3rd birthday May 7, which also was the day we adopted him.

Thanks for writing and hope you had a fun weekend!

Fri, June 1, 2018 04:05  

Has Dexter been to a lot of schools?

Hi Jaylynn!

Dexter has visited three schools so far - Park Avenue School in Danbury, Cos Cob School in Cos Cob, and Park City Magnet School in Bridgeport. But he doesn't like to be inside the schools!! He gets very nervous and shakes when he's inside a school. I don't know why. So Dexter meets the kids outside the school. He's fine with that. Dexter likes to meet the kids.

Thanks for the great question!

Thu, May 31, 2018 06:23  

Its me again how old was Molly

Hi Lundyn!

Both Molly and Maggie lived to be about seven years old. Both were really nice bunnies, and Molly used to visit schools with me. Maggie was bigger than Molly, and she was really fast! Sometimes she would run so quickly all around the room!

Have a fun weekend!

Thu, May 31, 2018 01:32  

Hi how many pet did you have?

Hi Lundyn!

We had lots of pets when we had Sparky. We had Sparky, of course, and Speedy the Tortoise, who we still have (she's about 26 years old now; we have a cage for Speedy, but she usually just roams around the house all day). We also had two bunnies, Molly and Maggie. And we had two frogs, Ali and Frazier. We had a bunch of hamsters and gerbils (the hamsters used to like to escape from their cages!). And my son had a hedgehog named Pearl.

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot, we had another frog named Golden Eye and some goldfish, too! Whew! That's a lot of pets. That's why my favorite Sparky story is "No Rest for Sparky," where Sparky is trying to take a nap one day, but all the pets in the house keep bothering her! (In the book, there's an iguana, but we never had an iguana. Sparky's illustrator who did all the drawings, Pilar Newton, had an iguana, so we included her iguana in the story.)

Thanks for the great question!