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Sat, July 30, 2022 08:10  

Hey Rick! So sorry I never replied to ur email. Everything has been so hectic. I absolutely love coming on here and reading all the posts from the little ones. Its so crazy to think I was around their age (6) when I met you at my school! Now at 22 I still enjoy keeping in touch and reading Sparky and Dexter books. Hopefully one day I'll have kids of my own I can read them to! I just finished another semester of college today and now on a 2 week break before I start another semester. How I wish I could rewind back to elementary school days like when I met you! Now it's adult life and responsibilities. I hope ur well, Dexter & Speedy too!


Great hearing from you! And no worries. It seems it's been hectic for both of us. Just got back from a little vacation, and I'm starting work with a new illustrator on Dexter's new chapter book. Congrats on finishing another college semester! Keep up the great work!! Time marches on. We're all getting a bit older, right??!! But it's great keeping in touch with you, too! Enjoy your two-week break and the rest of the summer!

All the best,

Tiffany and Arami 
Wed, June 15, 2022 12:31  

You’re the best

Hi Tiffany and Arami!

Thanks for your nice words! Sparky and Dexter are definitely the best!! Sparky was such a great dog, and Dexter is such a sweet dog. I've definitely been lucky to have two wonderful dogs like them!

Enjoy the rest of your week at school!

Rick and Dexter, too (woof!)
Wed, June 15, 2022 11:52  

hello sparky you are a wondfl dog

Hi Catie!

Yes, Sparky definitely was a wonderful dog, and she lived a wonderful life! I'm sure if Sparky had met you, she would have given you a big doggie kiss! She loved giving doggie kisses!

Thanks for writing!

Rick and Dexter, too (woof!)
Bella V 
Mon, June 13, 2022 06:10  

Taurus are Stubbern but kind

Hi Bella!

Well, Sparky might have been stubborn, but she definitely was a sweet dog!

Mon, June 13, 2022 06:05  

Hey Nathan!

Way to dance, you big banana, you!

Have a great week at school!

Bella V 
Thu, June 9, 2022 06:39  

The Dogs Like Music Yay did you know both your dogs Zodiac signs a taures im pretty sure because Sparkys adoption date is april 24 and dexters is may 7th *so their fake birthdays * mean that they are both Taurus

Hi Bella!

And Dexter is "listening" to music right now while I have my breakfast! And both Sparky and Dexter are Taurus! I never thought of that. Are Taurus stubborn because the sign is a bull? Well, Dexter is not stubborn, but Sparky could definitely be stubborn at times. If Sparky saw a dog or person behind her while we were on her walk, Sparky would stop and wait for that dog or person to catch up to her so she could meet them! Sometimes I would try to pull Sparky and tell her "let's go," but she would just sit there and wait because she wanted to meet who was walking behind her!

Bye for now!

Bella V 
Wed, June 8, 2022 07:01  

Did sparky like music and does Dexter like music

Hi Bella!

They both like music! My son David used to hold Sparky's front paws and dance around the kitchen with her. And I'm always playing music in the house and Dexter just lays in the room like he's listening to it. Sometimes I have to go in and turn it down because I think the music is too loud for him, but Dexter doesn't seem to mind at all!

Thanks for another great question!

Bella V 
Tue, June 7, 2022 10:59  

Is Dexter freinds with some of sparkys old freinds :) maybe max or did they die too that would be sad

Hi Bella!

Unfortunately, all of Sparky's old doggie friends are not around anymore. And, yes, that is very sad. Sparky had some great doggie pals, including Max, Otis (a big dog that is the star of Sparky's Halloween book, "The Great Candy Caper"), and Macy, Sparky's best friend who lived next door.

However, Dexter is friends with some of Sparky's old people friends! As a matter of fact, a girl named Claudia who was in elementary school, probably about your age, when she met Sparky, now lives in Dexter's neighborhood! Claudia goes to college now, but she still remembers Sparky and loves saying Hi to Dexter.

Thanks for the great question!!!

eva matias 
Tue, June 7, 2022 06:06  

i wanted to see you in real life i miss you

Hi Eva!

Well, Dexter and I are always available to come visit any school, library or wherever that would like us to do a book reading! It's always so much fun. And we miss all the kids, too!

Rick and Dexter, too (woof!) 
Mon, June 6, 2022 06:44  

My bad btw means by the way if you didnt know sorry!


No problem! I knew that! Lol!!!!