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Layla williams 
Fri, March 24, 2023 02:01  

hi i love dogs and i wish i had a dog 
Wed, March 22, 2023 04:12  

Are you having a good day?

Hi Melissa!!!

So sorry I didn't answer your message until now!! I've been busy working on Dexter's new chapter book, "Dexter and the Rescuettes." And, yes, Dexter and I are having a good day. I took Dexter on a nice walk in the park this morning. And then, while the sun was still out, Dexter enjoyed laying in the sun on the porch. I hope you're having a good day, too!

Have a great weekend!

Rick (and Dexter, too!) Woof! 
Wed, March 22, 2023 04:11  

Madison Shepard  
Fri, March 10, 2023 02:53  

Hi my name is madison shepard . I'm 8 years old .I love your books so much.

Hi Madison!

I'm so happy you like the Sparky and Dexter books! That's great! And I'll have a chapter book about Dexter done pretty soon, too. All of the illustrations are almost finished. The book is called "Dexter and the Rescuettes." Dexter has a band! And all the dogs in the band are rescue dogs from the dog pound.

Oh, and I apologize for taking a couple of days to answer your message. It's been a busy weekend.

Thanks for writing, and keep on reading!!

Fri, March 10, 2023 11:28  

Is barky bad

Hi Elias!

I'm guessing you meant to write "is Sparky bad." And no, Sparky wasn't bad. She was a good dog -usually!! She wasn't a perfect dog, and sometimes she would bark a little too much. She also would bark if lots of kids crowded around her. I guess she felt a little scared. Dexter is a little better with that. He doesn't seem to mind all the kids around him.

Thanks for writing!

Gavin leacock 
Fri, March 10, 2023 11:20  

Did sparky eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

Hi Gavin!

Sorry I took a couple of days to answer your message!

Sparky didn't eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, but she did eat peanut butter! But sometimes it would get stuck to the roof of her mouth!

Dexter likes peanut butter, too, but I haven't given him any lately. Maybe I'll do that sometime this week as a little snack for him.

Thanks for the great question!

Mon, March 6, 2023 05:47  

How did sparky die

Hi Jefferson!

Unfortunately, Sparky had a disease called cancer that made her very sick. Nobody knows how she got cancer, but many older dogs do get cancer. Maybe their bodies are weaker when they get older, and they can't fight off the disease. But Sparky lived a wonderful life. She was 13 years old when she passed away (91 years old in human years), and she had thousands of friends and fans all over the country.

Yes, it was very sad when Sparky died, but I have so many great memories of her. When I think of Sparky now, it always puts a smile on my face!

Thanks for writing!

Thiago Zavala 
Thu, February 23, 2023 06:21  

Hi again my birthday is on April 13 there are 49 days of my birthday.I hope you will bring Dexter to my birthday.

Hi Thiago!!

April 13!! I'll remember that date and send you a copy of No Rest for Sparky as a birthday present!! As for Dexter coming to your birthday, well, that's up to your parents.

As for Sparky, unfortunately, she passed away Sept. 9, 2011. She was 13 years old. She died from cancer, a disease that made her very sick. But she lived a wonderful life, and we have so many great memories of her!

Thanks for writing!


P.S.: I'm going to delete your address so everyone can't see it. But don't worry I'll remember it so I can send you your birthday present!
Thiago Zavala 
Thu, February 23, 2023 05:29  

When did sparky die  
Wed, February 22, 2023 03:09  

I miss sparky and I remember you dressed like sparky
And you brong dexter and you let us pet him at Wolfpit elementary school and you gave us book marks and I love and miss sparky ????????????

Hi Dakota!!

So sorry it took a few days to respond to your message!! Dexter and I have been busy visiting schools. Dexter is doing fine. He's sleeping right now. I just took him on a morning walk in the park. It was cold!!!

I'm so happy you remember Dexter visiting your school, and me getting dressed like Sparky!! I sure hope you enjoyed meeting Dexter and petting him. He's such a good doggie.

Sparky was a good doggie, and we miss her a lot, too. But we have so many nice memories of Sparky, and she lives on through her books.

Thanks for writing, and hopefully Dexter and I will visit your school again someday! Dexter says Hi! Woof!!