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Author Visits

Probably the most enjoyable aspect of Sparky/Dexter’s Adventures is bringing Sparky’s and Dexter’s stories directly to the kids, especially at the schools (at no charge!).  Author Rick Arruzza has had the pleasure of visiting numerous schools from coast to coast, performing book readings and conducting writing workshops, usually in individual classrooms but sometimes in auditoriums, too!  From Miami Beach to San Francisco to around Sparky and Dexter’s hometown of Stamford, CT, kids have enjoyed learning about Sparky and Dexter through the books and numerous question-and-answer sessions.  And the author has enjoyed it through all the great kids and wonderful teachers and school staff he has met. 

During her lifetime, Sparky visited numerous schools, entertaining kids everywhere she went.  She also loved taking road trips to upstate New York, New Orleans and Miami, Fla.  Although Sparky is no longer with us, we do show a video that at least gives students a glimpse of what Sparky was really like.  In Sparky’s absence, we can bring Speedy the tortoise (she is a character in the Sparky books), although she does not go on long road trips.  (Unfortunately, Maggie the bunny, who also visited schools and was also a character in the Sparky books, passed away in December 2012.)

However, we now are happy to announce that our newest dog, Dexter (also adopted from Adopt-A-Dog), can also accompany us on our school visits and book readings!  Check out pictures of Dexter in the Gallery section on this Web site.

For more information on school visits, please click the Overview of Author Visits link at the top of this page.  If your school is interested in having Rick Arruzza visit to conduct a book reading or workshop, just click the Contact Us link to the left.