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Sparky & Dexter’s Books

Three Sparky books are also available in Spanish. El Paseo de Sparky, No Descanso Para Sparky, and La Gran Carrrera de Sparky.

  • Dexter & the Rescuettes

    Dexter & the Rescuettes

    Dexter has a great idea! Let’s start a band! And he’s asking his doggie pals to join him! There’s Kai, who’s always hungry and thinks he can sing, clumsy Bruno who trips over everything, and don’t forget Dexter’s “sweetheart,” Olive! But how did the band get together? Will Rocky’s stage fright stop him from tooting… More…

  • Mr. Dexter’s Neighborhood

    Mr. Dexter’s Neighborhood

    Introducing Dexter!  Come along and join this playful pup as he meets all his friends on his morning walk.  And despite some surprising raccoons, quacking ducks, barking dogs, and big, noisy trucks, it’s always a beautiful day in “Mr. Dexter’s Neighborhood,” the 10th rhyming adventure in the Sparky/Dexter series of books for young readers.  Enjoy… More…

  • Sparky’s Wonderful Life

    Sparky’s Wonderful Life

    From a dog that nobody wanted to a dog that everyone wanted to meet, Sparky captured the hearts of thousands of kids across the country through her books and school visits. Filled with colorful illustrations by Taryn Pelli and actual pictures of Sparky, “Sparky’s Wonderful Life,” the final chapter in the Sparky series of nine… More…

  • Sparky’s Silly ABC’s

    Sparky’s Silly ABC’s

    Take a silly trip with Sparky from A to Z along with wig-wearing walrus, musical pigs, walking lobsters, ice-skating unicorns, and pandas with pants on their head! They’re all here and more as you follow Sparky and her funny rhymes in “Sparky’s Silly ABCs,” the eighth story in the Sparky series of books for young… More…

  • Little Sparky 10 Spots

    Little Sparky 10 Spots

    Spots, spots, spots!  Sparky had lots of spots. Too many to count. But we count them here, from 1-10, as Sparky goes to the zoo, gives Maggie the bunny a ride, and plays baseball, too, in “Little Sparky 10 Spots,” a counting book for preschoolers/kindergartners and the first Sparky book in full color throughout!  Check out… More…

  • Sparky Goes to School

    Sparky Goes to School

    The kids are off to school, and Sparky’s coming, too! Sparky in school? That’s against the rules … but a whole lot of fun! There’s art and gym and music, and don’t forget lunch! Yes, Sparky’s in school, but the mean principal is not far behind, and he’s out to get her. Where will Sparky… More…

  • The Great Candy Caper, Starring Sparky and Her Pals

    The Great Candy Caper, Starring Sparky and Her Pals

    This Halloween night has it all:  ghosts and goblins and witches and Sparky!  And some big bullies, too, who like to steal candy.  No worries, though, because it’s Sparky and her pals to the rescue.  But will someone have to rescue them? Find out in “The Great Candy Caper,” the fifth rhyming adventure in the… More…

  • Sparky’s Big Race

    Sparky’s Big Race

    It’s a new twist on an old fable. It’s “The Tortoise and the Hare,” with a splash of Sparky added for fun. It’s “Sparky’s Big Race,” the fourth delightful book in the Sparky series for young readers. Sparky artist Pilar Newton is there, too, with her wonderful black-and-white illustrations capturing all the excitement of the… More…

  • Coast to Coast

    Coast to Coast

    Put on your travelin’ shoes and hit the road with Sparky as she travels coast to coast in search of fun and adventure. From sea to shining sea, and then some, it’s Sparky with Paul Revere in Boston, on Mount Ruff-more in South Dakota, doing the hula in Hawaii, running for her life on a Texas… More…

  • No Rest For Sparky

    No Rest For Sparky

    “How can a tired dog get some rest?” Sparky just wants to be left alone, but her housemates won’t cooperate Speedy the tortoise, Molly the rabbit, the hamsters, the frog, and even Floyd the crazy squirrel all conspire to make Sparky’s day anything but restful, until Kristen comes to the rescue. But what kind of… More…

  • Sparky’s Walk

    Sparky’s Walk

    For Sparky, her nightly walk is anything but uneventful. What should be just a leisurely jaunt around the neighborhood and a prelude to a good night’s sleep turns into a memorable journey, with surprises, both good and bad, lurking around every corner. Rabbits and raccoons, bats and cats, they all cross Sparky’s path this night. “Sparky’s… More…