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For Sparky, her nightly walk is anything but uneventful. What should be just a leisurely jaunt around the neighborhood and a prelude to a good night’s sleep turns into a memorable journey, with surprises, both good and bad, lurking around every corner. Rabbits and raccoons, bats and cats, they all cross Sparky’s path this night.

“Sparky’s Walk” is targeted for beginning readers.  The 24-page, softcover bedtime story is brought to life by quick-paced rhymes and striking illustrations (full-color cover, black and white inside) by Pilar Newton, whose credits include Nickelodeon (Rocket Power books), Cartoon Network (Courage the Cowardly Dog), and MTV (Daria).  The black-and-white illustrations follow Sparky’s every move and also are great for coloring.  A map that tracks Sparky’s path adds to the enjoyment of the story, and each book is “signed” by Sparky’s actual paw print.

Manuscript: Click here for the manuscript