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“How can a tired dog get some rest?”

Sparky just wants to be left alone, but her housemates won’t cooperate Speedy the tortoise, Molly the rabbit, the hamsters, the frog, and even Floyd the crazy squirrel all conspire to make Sparky’s day anything but restful, until Kristen comes to the rescue. But what kind of creature will David bring home next to this “zoo of a house”?

Find out in “No Rest for Sparky,” the second book in the Sparky series of delightful picture books for young readers.  The 24-page, softcover story is brought to life by wonderful rhymes that describe Sparky’s difficult day and striking illustrations (full-color cover, black and white inside) by Pilar Newton, whose credits include Nickelodeon (Rocket Power books), Cartoon Network (Courage the Cowardly Dog), and MTV (Daria).  The black-and-white illustrations are great for coloring and are a trademark of Sparky’s books.  If the illustrations are black and white, there’s a good chance you’re reading a Sparky adventure! And as in all the Sparky books, each copy of “No Rest for Sparky” is “signed” by Sparky’s actual paw print.

Manuscript: Click here for the manuscript